Hello lovers of simple home cooking!

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Victoria M

Victoria M

Tell us a little about yourself –
my name is Victoria, many people know me on other culinary portals and social. networks under the name Victoria M. recently moved into his own house, where I do housework, cooking and photography.

Cooking I just love, I’m in love with food, I think it’s mutual! Many asked me how I receive their prescriptions? I will answer this way – literally everywhere! Books, magazines, Internet, travel, friends, television… the Only caveat – don’t like to cook on 100% repeating an existing recipe, always bring something of their own, and the result is a very different dish, with its history, taste and aroma! And often is born a dish spontaneously, guided by the availability of ingredients in the fridge. You can prepare a lot of tasty and interesting!

In my cooking blog, you will find different recipes using and browsing the categories into which they are divided.

I hope you find in my blog something useful and interesting, and I in turn will strive to improve it, to make it interesting, informative and delicious!

I’m happy to see you in the face of its users or readers, the best course in the face of new friends!

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