Recipe fruit cheesecake

Recipe fruit cheesecake

Recipe fruit cheesecake


  1. Wheat flour — 1/2 Cup
  2. Cheese — 700 g
  3. Sour cream — 150
  4. Sugar — 1 Cup
  5. Milk, 0.3 cups — 5 eggs
  6. Vegetable oil — 0.5 cups

How to make fruit cheesecake:

1. Cheese beat with a blender, adding the sour cream — about 100 g. the Main thing is to get cottage cheese smooth mass without grains.

2. Separate eggs into whites and yolks, beat the whites to a froth with half a Cup of sugar. In the beaten egg whites to consistently add 1/2 Cup of flour, 5 egg yolks and remaining 1/2 Cup vegetable oil without smell. Part of the mass is sent in a form with high walls.

3. In the remaining part of the mass add the prepared curd. Salt mass, add 1/2 Cup sugar, 1/3 Cup milk, vanilla sugar. Knead the mass with a mixer and carefully pour into mold over first layer. The first layer will inevitably rise at the edges.

4. Put in a preheated oven for 40-60 minutes, bake at 180-200. In the process, the cake rises, acquiring brown shade. Taking it out of the oven, brush with sour cream mixed with sugar (50 g sour cream 2 tablespoons sugar). To put off the cooling oven.

5. Put on cake fruit or berries — fresh or canned. To pour jelly — two glasses of syrup, which was branchialis fruit and 1 Cup of dissolved gelatin (2 tbsp gelatin on 1 glass of water).

Bon appetit!

Recipe fruit cheesecake

Recipe fruit cheesecake

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